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  1. FAV

    deleting a folder with php

    PHP saved by 3 people 5 views posted 10 years ago fackz
  2. FAV

    How to remove a (non-empty) directory

    Here’s a snippet that can help you to remove a non-empty directory from the server. It’s a recursive function that deletes the directory with its files, folders and sub-folders.
    PHP saved by 2 people 5 views posted 11 years ago fackz
  3. FAV

    Sort files from directory & order them by filemtime()

    This is a function that selects files from a directory and orders them by the last time they were changed, in ascending or descending order. The snippet also calculates how much time passed since the file’s content was changed.
    PHP saved by 6 people 2 views posted 11 years ago fackz
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