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Since the 31 of august 2010, twitter made its API more secure, stopping basic authentication calls. So, if you used basic authentication you have to change your code and implement oAuth authentication model or you can follow this link and found a mi...
1 1321 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
If you need to add some content to your pages without having that content in your database you can use Wikipedia API. You can, for example, need to add automatically a simple description to a city name, or to a band name. Or you could need to add the...
1 808 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
PHP function of mini bot class that lets you retrieve twitter infos from twitter nickname. ($this->attr method is part of the Mini Bot Class)
2 808 posted 14 years ago by ginoplusio
The first function make short urls. The second function decode a short url with CURL. It gets the http header of the short url page. If the header contains a "Location:" header, then it's a redirect, and the decoded url is the url in the "Location"...
1 1360 posted 14 years ago by ginoplusio
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