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How to create a custom “:checked” pseudo selector for use in MooTools. It is just a small snippet but I’ve found it incredibly useful.
0 513 posted 13 years ago by ianmonge
Como hacer que el scroll de la página suba hasta arriba, para mostrar el principio de la página. Requiere el plugin Fx.Scroll que no viene con el core de Mootools 1.2.
1 343 posted 14 years ago by ianmonge
Como la palabra delete es una palabra reservada, daba error en la detección de esa tecla cuando es pulsada. Para detectar ese evento, hay que usar otra forma:
0 318 posted 14 years ago by ianmonge
Description print_r - Prints human-readable information about a variable mixed print_r( mixed expression [, bool return] ) print_r() displays information about a variable in a way that's readable by humans. Parameters * expression...
0 424 posted 14 years ago by ianmonge
You’ll notice the global classes at the bottom, which cover basic styling, and will remove styling that we intially set. For example, the .nobullet and .noindent work great on an unordered or ordered list. You can add your own classes there that yo...
1 355 posted 14 years ago by ianmonge
1 379 posted 14 years ago by ianmonge
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