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How to align floating images in wordpress posts and add captions.
2 533 posted 15 years ago by j_junyent
I was looking for a way to post new articles remotely, and cross domain. I only needed to post new articles, not read, edit or anything like that, so I did not need a whole GUI or any other Interface like those WP-Desktop-clients. I wrote this script...
0 792 posted 16 years ago by j_junyent
Implement "Asides" in a WordOress blog just with the Sandbox theme and CSS
2 692 posted 16 years ago by j_junyent
blacnk stylesheet for the Sandbox WordPress theme
1 680 posted 16 years ago by j_junyent
Show a user picture in wordpress
0 681 posted 16 years ago by j_junyent
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