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Name: Jack Keller

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Website: http://indiejack.me/

hmmm, what to say about Jack\\\'s raging memory issues.

I generally use Snippets.app for my Snippet needs but I\\\'ve recently found myself employed in a company that isn\\\'t quite as Mac friendly :( c\\\'est la vi

Instead I\\\'ll be trying to keep this section updated more often for easier access to my library, or at least until I get around to parsing the xml file and accessing said snippets elsewhere.

Until next update...

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Here's a little trick I started using when working with XAMPP for localhost and keeping things in tune with the live configuration variables such as username and passwords to mysql (or whatever you're writing for). The example below figures your w...
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This is a little trick I've used a few times to emulate Folders on a site and drop the extensions. In this example I'm using a PHP site but could easily be ported for other file types. One caveat to look out for is files will not always want to be ca...
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