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Use this to disable view and layout in Zend Framework controller action
2 348 posted 11 years ago by jdstraughan
This function will convert any long url into a Diggbar url
2 319 posted 12 years ago by jdstraughan
If you have a title, for something like a blog or product, and want to make an seo-friendly name to call it, here is a function. SAMPLE INPUT: $title = "This foo's bar is rockin' cool!"; echo make_seo_name($title); //RETURNS: //this-foos-bar-i...
10 877 posted 13 years ago by jdstraughan
Reset PHP script time limit
4 628 posted 13 years ago by jdstraughan
The “2>&1″ bit tells to pipe the standard error to the standard output. Otherwise the standard error may not be outputted by the system and you won’t have a way to troubleshoot your script.
2 410 posted 13 years ago by jdstraughan
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