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Example code to exercise a Crystalfontz 533 display from a 8051 using Keil C51.
0 842 posted 14 years ago by jimfred
From Keil C51 examples, TEST.C: ISD51 Demo for TI MSC 1210. Polled (non-interrupt) mode. Work-around for dropped-characters related to stop-bit problem: Clear SCON1.5 (or SM2_1).
0 793 posted 14 years ago by jimfred
Displaying values as hex in a PropertyGrid by using a TypeConverter class. The TypeConverter class is assigned as a property to the PropertyGrid's data element. Consider improving by making the UInt32HexTypeConverter a generic/template as in HexTy...
0 1349 posted 14 years ago by jimfred
This OnSize function resizes one large control in a dialog. The one control grows horizontally and vertically to fill the dialog. It's position remains unchanged. Other controls (buttons etc) would typically be above the one resizable control.
0 2515 posted 15 years ago by jimfred
Sometimes I want a complete path to a file in the current working directory to make error messages clearer. The URL has alternate approaches.
0 783 posted 15 years ago by jimfred
This uses the concatenation operator "##" to insert a comment "//"
0 2472 posted 15 years ago by jimfred
This function provides C# with functionality similar to the apparently deprecated my.Computer.FileSystem.FindInFiles under the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace. Example usage: IEnumerable<string> oemFiles = FindInFiles(...
1 1125 posted 15 years ago by jimfred
The Visual Studio output window will display "Detected memory leaks!" with a memory allocation number, for example, {145}. See Memory Leak Detection Enabling. Using the debugger (without changing code) see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/...
1 1286 posted 15 years ago by jimfred
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