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This will show a number of recent posts along with their associated featured image (thumbnail) if they have one. The template code asks for the 2 most recent posts with the custom post type of "news." Change the quantity and post type as needed. This...
0 125 posted 8 years ago by jschultz76
Code used to get the content, title, excerpt, etc for a specific page or post in WordPress. Replace the post id with your own specific ID.
2 90 posted 8 years ago by jschultz76
Copied from the WordPress codex and modified
0 110 posted 8 years ago by jschultz76
This code should be added to the functions.php file in the theme's folder. The code will deregister the local copy of jQuery and instead include the google hosted copy. It will also register other scripts.
0 127 posted 9 years ago by jschultz76
The code below should go at the top of the plugin's main file. This lets WordPress know that it is a plugin and what it is called, as well as other details.
0 89 posted 9 years ago by jschultz76
Code for enabling custom menus in your theme in WordPress 3. This code is from http://justintadlock.com/archives/2010/06/01/goodbye-headaches-hello-menus
0 119 posted 10 years ago by jschultz76
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