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Name: Koss Petroff


Location: Russia

Website: http://www.idealweb.ru

Web programmer from Russia

My professional interests are: PHP-based CMS and frameworks, modern Web 2.0 technologies and services, OpenSource and many more :)

My programmer\'s blog.

My funny videos collection. It written for Russian, but most of videos are quite clear to everyone :)

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You can get hostname from script environment - getenv("HTTP_HOST") (?!'.$host.') matches URLs always except local links
0 659 posted 15 years ago by kossmoss
Affects <A> tags for links starting with $link Example: LinkReplacer ($text, 'http://www.snipplr.com') affects to <a href="http://www.snipplr.com">Snipplr</a> and <a href="http://www.snipplr.com/blog">Snipplr Blog</a>
0 733 posted 15 years ago by kossmoss
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