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This SQL would help you to transpose a rows into columns in SQL
0 1114 posted 8 years ago by mprabhuram
See the DBLinks that you have created in the past
0 382 posted 11 years ago by mprabhuram
use this to convert the oracle time stamp into a character.
0 487 posted 11 years ago by mprabhuram
Use this logic to avoid double counting in ORACLE SQL
1 377 posted 11 years ago by mprabhuram
This function can be used to find out if there exists an overlap between two pairs of dates or time. There is an alternate way to calculate the actual overlapping value - Read the snippet "How to avoid double counts"
0 1529 posted 11 years ago by mprabhuram
ROW_NUMBER() - Partition (group by) the expression values and assigns integer values to the rows depending on their order. thx to Shouvik Basu < >
0 349 posted 12 years ago by mprabhuram
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