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En algunos escenarios es posible que ante ciertas acciones o resultados, debamos modificar algún valor que se encuentra en la configuración general de Magento. Para modificar un valor de la configuración general de forma programática (si, suen...
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How long customer is inactive ?
0 72 posted 9 years ago by necode
The fastest way is to create a php file and access it through browser add the following content to file.
0 123 posted 9 years ago by necode
This article shows how to add default value to any system configuration option fields. System configuration option fields means those options under System -> Configuration. Suppose, you have the following system.xml file. System.xml file is necess...
0 133 posted 9 years ago by necode
Insert that into the database as a string. The example would give you the format 2011-01-28
0 124 posted 9 years ago by necode
If you are creating an admin module for Magento (learn creating admin module in Magento) then you would surely be asked to create grids (eg. for order listing). Creating grids can be somewhat difficult for the novice Magento programmers, but in this...
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A collection is a Model type containing other Models, it is basically used in Magento to handle product lists (ie. from a category or a bundle option), but not only. TO DO: Explain how Magento Implements a collection - Use this to explain how Mage...
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send mail with attached file examples:
0 116 posted 9 years ago by necode
Embedding Google’s +1 button is pretty easy and straightforward. All it takes is to include 2 code snippets in your web page. One goes in the header of the page, and the other one goes to wherever where you want the +1 button to render. To do so al...
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Create a Hello World module in the Magento system Configure this module with routes Create Action Controller(s) for our routes
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Save config:
0 78 posted 9 years ago by necode
Every developer has favorite tools and a workflow that’s unique from other developers, so I won’t dictate which specific pieces of software you should use. Instead, for each piece of your development environment, review some choices if you don’...
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0 207 posted 9 years ago by necode
Magento first steps - for dev server. Creating Robots.txt file.
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