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Useful in cases where the object author has specified their own serialization that doesn't work for you.
1 722 posted 14 years ago by rengber
Definitely falls into the category of "simple thing I shoulda memorized years ago", but whatever:
0 565 posted 14 years ago by rengber
Stupidly simple -- just one pitfall: class to be bound must have Get/Set methods for reflection to discover. Which is annoying when it comes to client side classes auto generated from WSDL.
0 645 posted 14 years ago by rengber
Say that you have a collection of objects empty but for IDs. You want to do a foreach loop through those objects and lookup detail one at a time. Unfortunately, in the foreach, you can't replace the references, you can only copy the new detail...
1 815 posted 14 years ago by rengber
This is stupidly simple, but I always forget it.
1 638 posted 14 years ago by rengber
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