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We use lists for all sorts of things, especiall navigation elements for which bullets don't make sense. Often, it is most convenient to remove bullet/list styles from all list elements globally. In fact many css resets do just that. However, there ma...
0 262 posted 9 years ago by rumremix
This is the quickest way to style the search bar. It involves creating one single image that includes both the input area and search button.
0 279 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
The "inherit" aspect of this did not always work for me. For example, font-family may need to be explicitly specified in the generated css (in place of "inherit"). But this just takes a couple seconds. Simply search for "family" and replace "inherit"...
1 332 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
Further below in the code are the default style declarations that can be overridden in custom css. To create custom classes that will be available in the rich text editors, follow the example below: .ms-rteElement-appleRed { color:red; -ms...
0 308 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
This is simple but saves time to copy-paste. This example has three columns (.boxcol) within the box. But the columns can be removed for single-column box.
0 293 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
Technique #8 in example page.
0 197 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
0 209 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
Using the CssRegistration control is the proper way to register CSS in a SharePoint master page/layout page, but it has drawbacks. Namely, no matter what order you put them on the page the server loads them in a seemingly arbitrary order, making it...
2 241 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
For when you sometimes forget the precise syntax. First is from html, second from css file.
0 245 posted 11 years ago by rumremix
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