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How would you validate the number of days in a given month?
0 40 posted 6 years ago by satie83
Assuming that by empty means "has no properties of its own"
0 20 posted 6 years ago by satie83
The following function loads all browser-cookies into an associative array with the cookie name as the index and the cookie value as the value
0 17 posted 7 years ago by satie83
In javascript there is no function for printing variables like you have PHP, I use print_r and var_dump a lot in PHP for dumping variables so I wanted to create a simular function in javascript.
0 34 posted 7 years ago by satie83
Here’s a very simple script which adds numbers sequentially to an unordered list using jQuery
0 22 posted 7 years ago by satie83
Returns the version of Windows Internet Explorer or a -1 (indicating the use of another browser).
0 29 posted 8 years ago by satie83
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