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Assumes logs are in /var/log/sshd/* and makes a few text format assumptions that probably make this specific to OpenSSH. Simple, but more than you can see from a quick less.
3 598 posted 14 years ago by scarfboy
Useful when creating canonical forms of strings for indexing.
0 457 posted 14 years ago by scarfboy
There is no standard for this at all - this just looks for the hooks that exist in IE and gecko-type browsers. See also and
3 519 posted 14 years ago by scarfboy
Exploits hash keys uniqueness, but in doing so effectively toString()s everything, meaning this should not be used for much beyond strings and perhaps integers. I used this when I wanted to do some client-side filtering of (integer) identifiers.
1 438 posted 14 years ago by scarfboy
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