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  1. FAV

    How To Connect To A SOCKS Proxy From An Unjailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch

    Let's say, perhaps, that you are already forwarding your web traffic through an SSH/SOCKS tunnel at work (for privacy reasons that have absolutely no relation to accessing blocked sites LOL!) and you would like to use that same tunnel on your iPhone/...
    JavaScript saved by 1 person 12 views posted 10 years ago shaunchapman
  2. FAV

    Remove Dot Underscore Files

    Mac OS X creates files beginning with *._* to Samba shares when files on a Unix/Linux machine are accessed with a Mac. I use [Coda]( to access a Samba share on my development server at work. This is really annoying when c...
    Bash saved by 4 people 6 views posted 10 years ago shaunchapman
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