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* A standard multi-level list example for copy and paste in any site. Uses anchors as the default links, to be filled in later. * Built to work with Bootstrap's default CSS, but also works fine with other CSS * Pull the "plain" class from the [sta...
0 423 posted 8 years ago by tymartist
* A set of starter styles that can be added to any library * The most-used styles I add to all of my sites
0 347 posted 8 years ago by tymartist
* Used to create markers based solely on latitude and longitude * Replace the existing mainPoints() function in map-functions.js
0 376 posted 8 years ago by tymartist
* Use this to start any Desktop or Responsive sites * Assets always live in the /prebuilt/ folder
0 448 posted 8 years ago by tymartist
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