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Hi, my name is Jeremy, I\'m a college student majoring in web and multimedia, I\'ve been coding and designing for 4 years. My knowledge is narrowed down to a few languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, Visual Basic, C# and some PHP. I am constantly learning through snippets, tutorials and of course books. I have a good knowledge of jQuery as well. In my free time, meaning outside college work, I record video tutorials on design and development.

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This snippet is a PHP function that checks if an email address is valid
2 719 posted 13 years ago by visudex
Ever got tired of writing System.out.print(); all the time when testing, well, to avoid this, just create a helper method that will narrow it down to print();
0 568 posted 13 years ago by visudex
This snippet will allow you to read user's input when they write in the console. This method uses the Scanner class, which is my favorite way of doing instead of using the Buffered Reader, with the Scanner, you can also read from a file.
0 631 posted 13 years ago by visudex
This snippet will allow you to capture your screen in Java and saves the image as a PNG
0 593 posted 13 years ago by visudex
Use the regular box shadow, but add the keyword "inset" as the last parameter. Works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE9.
0 461 posted 13 years ago by visudex
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