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A conference call is a meeting, conducted over the phone using audio, between two or more people and usually for the purposes of discussing a particular topic. In my former snippets I dealt with text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities. So t...
0 1325 posted 8 years ago by warnerBro19
In my previous snippet I have written about converting text to speech using C#. This code snippet can be used not just for allowing your computer to read txt aloud, but also for speech recognition. To implement this functionality I used Microsoft Sp...
0 1456 posted 8 years ago by warnerBro19
I have heard about this solution on the Facebook, and I thought it is worth to share my source code to help other developers interested in converting text to speech using C#. Text-to-speech refers to the ability of computers to read txt aloud. This f...
1 1056 posted 9 years ago by warnerBro19
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