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Get a list of providers for DTrace that OSX supports. (DTrace is a probe/profiling tool created by Sun that came with Mac OS X starting with Leopard.)
0 521 posted 11 years ago by zingo
List of breakpoints for debuging with gdb. Add them to your ~/.gdbinit.
0 479 posted 12 years ago by zingo
recover to normal speed with /sbin/ipfw delete 100 /sbin/ipfw delete 200 ... or reboot
0 521 posted 14 years ago by zingo
If you set the NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled environment variable to "YES", the Objective-C runtime will log all dispatched Objective-C messages to a file named /tmp/msgSends-.
0 393 posted 14 years ago by zingo
Prints content from an NSError or NSArray content from a managedObjectContext.
0 472 posted 15 years ago by zingo
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