News Module in Typolight: add year and month in the url

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I added this code in the ModuleNews.php file on line 310 - 314.

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  1. //print_r(date('Y',$objArticle->date));
  2. setlocale(LC_TIME, "de_DE");
  3. $monat = strftime('%B',$objArticle->date);
  4. if ($monat == 'März') $monat = 'Maerz';
  5. $strUrl = ampersand($this->generateFrontendUrl($objPage->fetchAssoc(), '/'.date('Y',$objArticle->date).'/'.$monat.'/items/' . ((!$GLOBALS['TL_CONFIG']['disableAlias'] && strlen($objArticle->alias)) ? $objArticle->alias : $objArticle->id))/*.'?year=2009'*/);

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