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This allows you to search any INSTANCE or CLASS methods of any objects including rails models, which is helpful if you want to see the methods that you created yourself.

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  1. #drop this in .irbrc
  2. class Object
  3. def search_methods(string)
  4. search_results = ["--","CLASS METHODS","--"]
  5. search_results << self.methods.find_all{ |i| i.match(/#{string}/) }.sort
  6. search_results << ["--", "INSTANCE METHODS","--"]
  7. search_results << self.instance_methods.find_all{ |i| i.match(/#{string}/) }.sort
  8. return y(search_results)
  9. end
  10. end
  12. # now just call #Object.search_methods "your_search" in irb to find a method


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