Binding throbber div for jQuery AJAX requests

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jQuery bindings for showing and hiding a div during AJAX requests. The div will not show unless the AJAX request takes a certain amount of time (in this case 300ms). This will reduce the flicker effect of showing and hiding throbbers.

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  1. $('#loading').bind('ajaxStart', function() {
  2. var n = $(this);
  3.'state', 'started');
  4. setTimeout(function() {
  5. if ( && == 'started') {
  6. n.slideDown(500);
  7. }
  8. }, 300);
  9. }).bind('ajaxStop', function() {
  10. var n = $(this);
  11.'state', 'stopped');
  12. n.slideUp(500);
  13. });

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