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Often times it is nice to add some text after a link on your website to let your users know whether the link goes to a PDF and how large that PDF file is. I've found that manually doing this works but after awhile when that PDF file get updated, the file size next to it is incorrect. It is even possible that the link is no longer a PDF but somebody forgot update the text.

An easy solution to these problems is to create a function within ASP that spits out the file type and the file size after the link to let your users know using asp how large a file is and what the file type is.

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  1. function GetFileSizeType(WhatFile)
  3. set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  4. file = Server.MapPath(WhatFile)
  5. set f = fs.GetFile(file)
  6. intSizeK = Int((f.Size/1024) + .5)
  7. if intSizeK = 0 then intSizeK = 1
  9. GetFileSizeType = "("&UCase(fs.GetExtensionName(file))&", "&intSizeK&"K)"
  11. set f=nothing
  12. set fs=nothing
  14. end function


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