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you may not want to use the buggy apt version. just compile it yourself

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  1. #use this for an ant task:
  2. # <exec executable="bash">
  3. # <arg value="-i" />
  4. # <arg value="-c" />
  5. # <arg value="uncrustify --no-backup $(find ${src} -name &quot;*.java&quot;)" />
  6. # </exec>
  9. #make sure to configure like this
  10. cp /usr/share/uncrustify/ben.cfg ~/.uncrustify.cfg
  12. #uncrustify all java files in this folder
  13. uncrustify --no-backup $(find -name "*.java")

URL: https://github.com/bengardner/uncrustify.git

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