Removing info / address bubble from google maps embed code

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Remove the info / address pop up on a google map embed code.

Until last month: the iwloc parameter was responsible to GET the
window opened or not the following way:
It the parameter was missing by deafult the infow window was NOT
And vice versa: to get it opened the parameter should there OR while
the gotten code wouldn't be contain the iwloc ONE was forced to ADD
it manually!

I did not notice WHEN they changed this!!!
However NOW it seems to be reverse:
In your case (in your provided embedding code [maybe created using my
previous hints in this thread]) the iwloc parameter WAS NOT THEREIN.
I confirm: NOW this means obviously the info window will OPENED by

To get the embedding code for an iframe with an UN-opened Placemark
it's again necessary to ADD an OTHER value for the IWLOC paramter:
iwloc=near DOES the trick NOW!


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