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After you done changes and decide to check in.

Please always test and ensure the code works **locally** first.

If everything works, then **commit** the changes

(**becareful DO NOT commit files in 'tmp' folder**)

please write **detailed comment** on what you have changed, so other group member won't confuse.

please also **svn update** your local folder often (before you start working on a piece of code), so most conflict can be avoid.


After you successfully commit, login group server through ssh

Go to web root folder by input:

`cd /var/www/`

Notice there are **two seperated project folders** in this directory called "project" and "preview"

To prevent fail, please first update "preview" folder to the latest version:

`sudo svn up preview`

Then check you changes make sure everything works:



if nothing breaks down, then you can also update the "project" folder to the latest version:

`sudo svn up project`

Test again from browser:


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