Adding and removing collide masks

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  1. def addCollideMask(np,mask):
  2. """Add mask to the NodePath's existing collide mask (do a binary OR of
  3. the two bitmasks)."""
  4. np.setCollideMask(np.getCollideMask() | mask)
  6. def removeCollideMask(np,mask):
  7. """Remove mask from the NodePath's existing collide mask (all bits set
  8. to 1 in mask will be set to 0 in the NodePath's mask)."""
  9. # Need to copy mask first to avoid modifying it in place.
  10. copy = mask & BitMask32.allOn()
  11. copy.invertInPlace()
  12. np.setCollideMask(np.getCollideMask() & copy)

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