Paste the disapproval face ಠ_ಠ with a single keypress

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Fed up with awkward methods to type the disapproval face? I know I was. After hours of searching (yes hours) for ways to paste the disapproval face with a hotkey I found a simple solution.
Note: This script requires AutoHotkey_L to work (use google).

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  1. setbatchlines -1
  2. #singleinstance force
  3. #notrayicon
  4. ;Put a ; before #notrayicon to see the tray icon, semi-colons are comment characters
  5. ;Tested on a Windows 7 x64 Home Premium machine, should work on most windows systems
  6. ;Script by Rectifier 06-30-2012
  8. ;The hotkey only works after launching the script (and leaving it on).
  9. ;Make sure you have ahk_l installed, then save the script as a .ahk file.
  10. ;Make sure the script is encoded in UTF-8 as well.
  11. ;If you see ?_? instead, whatever you're working with does not support the character set.
  13. ;All you have to do is press the numpad dot/delete for immediate disapproval!
  15. NumpadDot::Send ಠ_ಠ
  16. NumpadDel::Send ಠ_ಠ
  18. ;Here's an alternative hotkey if you don't have a numpad, simply uncomment and reload the script.
  19. ;^+d::Send ಠ_ಠ
  20. ;The above hotkey is the combination of control + shift + d
  21. ;To make your own different version, I suggest reading AHK_L's documentation.

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