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In DOS/cmd batch scripts it is not possible to issue a SLEEP command for less than 1 second. This script allows you to use a single batch script to double as a jscript (double-execution) in order to accomplish a single script/command that can specify sleep in milliseconds.


Save script as a filename (not sleep.bat) such as millisleep.bat and put it in your path.

From within another batch script invoke it and pass in the number of milliseconds to sleep: (example below will sleep 250 milliseconds, which is 1/4th of a second)

millisleep.bat 250

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  1. @set @junk=0 /* This line is ignored by both Batch and VBS Interpreters. This starts the Batch portion:
  2. @echo off
  3. cscript //nologo //e:jscript "%~f0" %~1
  4. goto :eof
  6. Jscript part begins here */
  7. WSH.Sleep(WScript.Arguments.Item(0));

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