EnjoyHint 3.0 To Add Free Hints and Tips To Site Or App

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The new updated introduced auto scrolling to highlighted elements, possibility to hide 'next' and 'skip' buttons, add html markup in description, and more.

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  1. Initialization and configuration:
  3. //initialize instance
  4. var enjoyhint_instance = new EnjoyHint({});
  6. //simple config.
  7. //Only one step - highlighting(with description) "New" button
  8. //hide EnjoyHint after a click on the button.
  9. var enjoyhint_script_steps = [
  10. {
  11. 'click .new_btn' : 'Click the "New" button to start creating your project'
  12. }
  13. ];
  15. //set script config
  16. enjoyhint_instance.set(enjoyhint_script_steps);
  18. //run Enjoyhint script
  19. enjoyhint_instance.run();

URL: http://xbsoftware.com/blog/enjoyhint-3-0-adding-hints-tips-simple-never/

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