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This PrestaShop support module is used to manage ticket system. By using this plugin you can manage customers queries and complaints easily.This add-on allows to your customers to submit tickets with different format attachment files. Admin can also...
0 718 posted 10 years ago by AlastairBrian
0 435 posted 11 years ago by kayasax
Add to bottom of your theme's functions.php file
0 555 posted 12 years ago by RainyDayMedia
If you take a look at the top right of the WordPress Admin panels you’ll see a button that says "Help." When you click it, Help text slides down.
0 612 posted 13 years ago by jamiebrwr
0 751 posted 14 years ago by kanampo
Essentially, you need to tell Visual Studio to generate an XML file with documentation, then use a separate tool to create a help file (usually .chm) out of that XML file. The tool to use is MS's Sandcastle. You'll also want a GUI for Sandcastle, whi...
0 844 posted 14 years ago by pckujawa
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