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  1. FAV

    PrestaShop Customer Service and Support Module

    This PrestaShop support module is used to manage ticket system. By using this plugin you can manage customers queries and complaints easily.This add-on allows to your customers to submit tickets with different format attachment files. Admin can also...
    PHP 3 views posted 6 years ago by AlastairBrian
  2. FAV

    Commentaires de fonctions

    Other 2 views posted 7 years ago by kayasax
  3. FAV

    Hide Wordpress Dashboard 'Help' Tab

    Add to bottom of your theme's functions.php file
    PHP 5 views posted 8 years ago by RainyDayMedia
  4. FAV

    Edit the Help Dropdown Text

    If you take a look at the top right of the WordPress Admin panels you’ll see a button that says "Help." When you click it, Help text slides down.
    PHP 2 views posted 8 years ago by jamiebrwr
  5. FAV

    CSS outline help for html coding

    CSS 4 views posted 9 years ago by kanampo
  6. FAV

    mvim help inside MacVim

    Launching MacVim from command line
    Other 1 views posted 10 years ago by dorseye
  7. FAV

    Help on a command

    Bash 0 views posted 10 years ago by dorseye
  8. FAV

    Generate help file documentation for .NET projects from XML code comments

    Essentially, you need to tell Visual Studio to generate an XML file with documentation, then use a separate tool to create a help file (usually .chm) out of that XML file. The tool to use is MS's Sandcastle. You'll also want a GUI for Sandcastle, whi...
    C# 3 views posted 10 years ago by pckujawa
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