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Loop between images on hover
0 783 posted 7 years ago by envane21
Endless loop between 3 images
0 679 posted 8 years ago by envane21
Very simple use of an non-animating spritesheet for iOS
0 687 posted 9 years ago by sidneydekoning
The Aspose.Note for .NET API allows developers to open files & manipulate elements of OneNote books & export them to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP and PDF formats. The following code sample shows developers how to save OneNote File as an image in C#/.NET
0 1426 posted 9 years ago by johansonkatherine
More info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10908562/is-there-something-similar-to-window-load-for-executing-a-function-after
0 737 posted 10 years ago by rickygri
This handy tool takes raw CSS and finds all relative URLs for background images and injects the absolute path. After which all the background images are displayed on the page. This is useful if you need a quick way to save all background images at on...
0 656 posted 10 years ago by pussard
Each image is positioned, dimensioned, and repeated according to the comma separated values in the other background properties. The images in the list are layered front to back in the same order they are listed in the rule declaration. If a backgroun...
0 792 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Works like a charm. Read manual on site. For use with Worpdress, replace $ with jQuery.
1 810 posted 10 years ago by zartgesotten
One of the limits of using lists (ordered and unordered) is that they have no provision for a heading. You can do something like: <ul>This is a Title<li> etc... but it is invalid because the list containers can only contain List Items. One way common...
0 658 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
One of the great methods to load and work with icons in web pages is to load one image that is a collection of several icons and use any icon as needed, that reduces the number of server request and save bandwidth.
1 723 posted 10 years ago by codingforever99
The nice part about it is that the caption is locked to the image. The figure can be positioned and styled and the caption can be rendered with any affect that can be applied to any other text element.
0 604 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
If you are using the [TimThumb](http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/ "TimThumb on Google Code") script with a URL the contains tildes (~) and images are breaking, here is the fix... I did not create this snippet but found it extremely useful so I th...
0 755 posted 10 years ago by tacudtap
simple image rotation script; save as rotate.php in folder with images, call <img> to display
0 763 posted 10 years ago by goddess
Here is a set of functions that can be very useful: Give this script the url of a webpage, and it will save all images from this page on your server.
1 1232 posted 10 years ago by goo
Set the desired date within the function. Make some images and label them "1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc...". That's how it's done.
1 643 posted 11 years ago by o0110o
description from title, image size from function.php (add_image_size( 'descr', 278, 200, true );)
0 762 posted 11 years ago by shin
0 580 posted 11 years ago by scrapy
- Use custom image size within template (including if exist) - Add a class name to a custom image size
0 687 posted 11 years ago by thescottlee
this can run before $(document).ready event, since it doesn't rely on any DOM.
1 636 posted 11 years ago by Narayon
Just call "ProcessImageAndItsThumbnail" with your newly uploaded image's URL, and it will resize it for you, and make a thumbnail as well. Just remember to set the sizes you want for these new images.
1 749 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
0 527 posted 11 years ago by pruntrut
Creates rotating background images with a smooth transition.
1 606 posted 11 years ago by ryonley
Takes an image (path or url) and extracts the 7 most common colors and returns their hex values.
0 790 posted 11 years ago by kellishaver
There are 2 jQuery snippets, both replace broken images with one of your choosing, the difference is that one is "safe" and the other is "persistent". The safe one will quick working, so if your doing something that dynamically changed images on a pa...
3 723 posted 11 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
Wordpress by default wraps images in <p> tags, this kills that.
3 743 posted 11 years ago by rliverman
This is an example of omitting the width and height attributes from a thumbnail img tag in Wordpress. Useful if you are working on a responsive design. Use inside The Loop.
0 558 posted 12 years ago by f6design
Add this snippet to your Wordpress theme's functions.php file to reject any image uploads that are below the specified dimensions.
2 760 posted 12 years ago by f6design
This snippet adds support for post thumbnails (a.k.a. 'featured images') to a Wordpress theme. It also adds an additional image size for image thumbnails, hard cropped. This second step is optional. Add this snippet to your WP theme's functions.ph...
1 675 posted 12 years ago by f6design
wrote this snippet as a necessity to preload many images without writing same code all the time in JS...
0 587 posted 12 years ago by alik
Checks for image files in directory and creates a XML file of the contents
0 687 posted 12 years ago by Don_Jarmo
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