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Just call "ProcessImageAndItsThumbnail" with your newly uploaded image's URL, and it will resize it for you, and make a thumbnail as well. Just remember to set the sizes you want for these new images.
1 652 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
Usage: <a href="" rel="external">Some other site</a>
0 577 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
1 592 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
This can be put into a utility class in your ASP.NET project and put onto the page with ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(). The script alters the ASP.NET __VIEWSTATE value which somehow validates requests; if you leave it out the popup wont work.
0 417 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
Restricts the characters that are entered into a textbox. Also limits the length of the value to 5.
0 479 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
it ignores commas in a csv that are in string quotes
0 467 posted 12 years ago by Krummelz
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