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[The original problem was stated as a SQL (SQL Server 2008) problem. This Perl script demonstrates the desired outcome for the problem statement.] PROBLEM STATEMENT: Please help me with SQL Query and requirement is as below: Below is the Da...
0 82 posted 4 years ago by bvwatson
Author: jsinix([email protected] This script can be used to create, delete and update device inventory. This is a basic script that can be modified and improved upon to make it serve better .
0 117 posted 5 years ago by jsinix
Author: jsinix([email protected]) This is a script that demonstrates how to get input from keyboard with a timeout. This can be useful in many places.
0 132 posted 5 years ago by jsinix
Maps multiple apps with mount and URLMap
0 52 posted 5 years ago by dbiesecke
Renames files in a directory. If no directory is specified, the current directory is used.
0 68 posted 6 years ago by ff1959
Used to extract the various config parameters from the TRA file
0 66 posted 7 years ago by sukantahazra
This is used to recurse through a directory and perform some action on each file
0 77 posted 7 years ago by sukantahazra
This is the template for a basic project in Perl language with a minimal Debian package build. I always use the I parameter with Perl for use the more updated version of the modules in the debug process.
0 69 posted 7 years ago by VictorMoral
I love this one. Needed a good way to numerically sort IP addresses or OIDs. Took longer to come up with this than I'm willing to admit. Hope others find it useful.
0 100 posted 7 years ago by kurtkincaid
Snippet obtained from Stackoverflow courtesy of [Loki Astari](http://stackoverflow.com/a/130428)
0 87 posted 7 years ago by symsec
Find and replace contents of files ending in .php with nothing. then append contents of template.php to all files in directory
0 65 posted 7 years ago by zlincoln
Capture Web Screenshots easily with the [GrabzIt Perl API](http://grabz.it/api/perl/) You will need the free [GrabzIt Code Library](http://grabz.it/api/perl/download.aspx) to get started.
0 70 posted 7 years ago by Maximus1983
How to use a constant in perl
0 74 posted 7 years ago by ff1959
Text filter to increment numbers by one with regex in BBEdit (Mac only)
0 89 posted 8 years ago by page_lab
Add this to your .profile or .bash_rc file, source the file, navigate to the directory and call "rm_whitespace" Based on: http://snipplr.com/view/4468/batch-rename-files-in-directory/
1 181 posted 8 years ago by licensetoil
Wrote this script to work with pngcrush command line based program on Windows system to compress several .png images in multiple folders (with only 1 level of folders, rather than that you have to repeat doing it manually). It's fast, and help doi...
0 84 posted 8 years ago by haxpor
This was for a "Sport Landing Page" where people can select their outfits. There is intial intro box that gets cleared on the first selection. The thumbnails popout on hover. And there is a clear function that takes out all the products selected to j...
0 42 posted 8 years ago by cpres
Program that sums all the values (including big positive/negative integers)
0 46 posted 8 years ago by apoz
Recursive delete of given file or folder, e.g. .svn folder Call : [Program] [SearchPath] [DeleteItem]
0 51 posted 9 years ago by FazzyX
list all files in dir
0 80 posted 9 years ago by yoblob
This is a script that simply prints the current month. I produced this a couple years ago and use it as a reference for using the localtime() function.
0 90 posted 9 years ago by numberwhun
This is a handy little bit that will show you all of the installed modules on the system.
0 24 posted 9 years ago by numberwhun
send SMS to any mobile phone number (or a list) worldwide.
0 48 posted 9 years ago by smsmatrix
0 38 posted 10 years ago by joe-bbb
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