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Currently working as a Information Security Specialist. Working with various products like Firewalls, VPN, Kerberos, Identity Management, Radius, Production IDs, LDAP and other technologies and love scripting.

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  1. FAV Send email from gmail account via command line

    This scripts can be used to send email from your gmail account by authenticating. It can be modified to login to any SMTP server.
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    posted 5 years ago jsinix
  2. FAV Perl inventory management script

    Author: jsinix([email protected] This script can be used to create, delete and update device inventory. This is a basic script that can be modified and improved upon to make it serve better .
    posted 5 years ago jsinix
  3. FAV Perl get user input with timeout

    Author: jsinix([email protected]) This is a script that demonstrates how to get input from keyboard with a timeout. This can be useful in many places.
    posted 5 years ago jsinix
  4. FAV Automate System Setup

    Author: jsinix([email protected]) This script is written to expedite the process of initial system configuration (specifically Ubuntu). These initial things include basic setup, securing the system(firewall), updating it etc. I have not test...
    posted 5 years ago jsinix
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