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rechercher une valeur dans une variable tableau (Array) en VBA Find some value into an array
0 1412 posted 4 years ago by martinbrait
search for tables in mysql catalog ( information_schema )
0 603 posted 7 years ago by ktrout
Using the searchUnity function to read groups and contacts from a Unity server based on a search string.
0 760 posted 8 years ago by TenDegrees
Copy files recursively in Windows
0 695 posted 8 years ago by wesleydepoorter
An Utility to Search Text in All Files of Any Directory in PHP
1 994 posted 8 years ago by ursdeep
Simple PHP search with whole word extract and highlighted search word
0 766 posted 8 years ago by flatearthcomms
Implementacija algoritma Binarno stablo pretraživanja.
0 610 posted 8 years ago by igotepava
Functions include: insert, find, remove, printall, printprobes, removeall, countactive, updatestatus. These functions take in various arguments. The functions and their commands are inserted by the user.
0 822 posted 8 years ago by FuadMunzerinHossain
search database for column names http://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_search_and_replace.htm EXEC SearchAllTables 'Computer' GO
0 603 posted 9 years ago by kat
search database for column names
0 575 posted 9 years ago by kat
Product Instant Search is a free Magento search extension that enables automatically searching right after typing a character and shows the first search result with an “add to cart” form. <p>_ Show other search results in product’s thumbnail i...
0 723 posted 9 years ago by magestore
from codeproject
0 811 posted 9 years ago by hairajeshk
The Aspose.Note for .NET API allows developers to open files & manipulate elements of OneNote books & export them to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP and PDF formats. The following code sample shows developers how to save OneNote File as an image in C#/.NET
0 1431 posted 9 years ago by johansonkatherine
Function to check existence of value in multidimensional array.
0 688 posted 9 years ago by Sadeveloper
Power search the internet to save time (everything you need in one place), save research work effort (time saved by less clicks and less surfing), save money (shopping comparisons). Here you can search all the top search engines in a dual pane window...
0 734 posted 9 years ago by trollize
PrestaShop Advance SEO module is offered by FME. This module is used to configure On Page SEO components of Product pages. The Meta title, keywords and descriptions can be utilized by using this module. Due to its intelligent formula this module is a...
0 692 posted 10 years ago by AlastairBrian
Use it similar to in_array function of PHP.
0 788 posted 11 years ago by kosinix
This function searches the current working directory (or any other directory path that you specify with parameter $p) for a file, named $f, and returns the full path and filename of the first occurrence, or false if it is either not found or the maxi...
0 577 posted 11 years ago by VisionHive
Search recursively some value in array with the key name
0 698 posted 11 years ago by MonsterDev
Search SQL Server or Oracle database for keyword embedded within stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc.
0 587 posted 11 years ago by jstrawther
Another demo for the Koha OPAC
0 559 posted 11 years ago by kate
A nice looking search button built with css3
0 653 posted 11 years ago by CKOink
Two versions of binary search -- one recursive, one iterative -- for an array of strings. Both assume that your array index fits within an integer.
0 714 posted 11 years ago by rtperson
Fast and easy way to find a keyword inside of files located inside of a directory tree. (eg: looking for a function foo, inside of your applications directory.) This command will display a list of files which contain function foo.
0 734 posted 11 years ago by luizlopes
0 742 posted 12 years ago by pflangan
Used to update a database field using search replace.
0 574 posted 12 years ago by carouselcreative
Simple recursive function to find objects that match the value of str hanging anywhere off the global JS object (window).
0 648 posted 12 years ago by richt
0 575 posted 12 years ago by davebowker
-l switch output only the names of files in which the text occurs as opposed to each line containing the text<br> -i switch ignores the case<br> -r descends into subdirectories<br> Example: grep -lir "my search string" /home/account_name/public...
0 549 posted 12 years ago by klovera
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