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  1. FAV

    PHP Search String in Array - Case Insensitive

    Use it similar to in_array function of PHP.
    PHP 14 views posted 7 years ago kosinix
  2. FAV

    PHP Convert Single Dimensional Array to Two Dimensional

    Function to convert a one dimensional array to two dimensional with option to specify how many columns. Returns two dimensional array on success or false on fail.
    PHP 6 views posted 7 years ago kosinix
  3. FAV

    PHP Function to Convert 12 Hour Time to 24 Hour Format

    Convert 12-hour time format with hour, minutes, seconds, and meridiem into 24-hour format. Performs data correction to make sure hours, minutes and seconds have leading zeros if needed. The trick here is to use strtotime() where we pass the time...
    PHP 11 views posted 7 years ago kosinix
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