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Extracts the video title & download URL from a youtube page and starts a download.
3 871 posted 10 years ago by codespartan
This will get the 11-character YouTube video ID from any valid YouTube URL. Based on http://snipplr.com/view/57065/get-youtube-video-id/ but made more robust to handle additional URL inputs
0 924 posted 10 years ago by jmiller
This code snippet gets all information from a YouTube video (title, description, duration, thumbnail url, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, etc..) using the video id and YouTube API.
0 1228 posted 11 years ago by TimoZachi
This function validates the URL of a YouTube video. It supports four kinds of URL: ?v=, /v/, #!v=, and the short version (youtu.be). To validate the ID a request to YouTube is made, this is done using a personal class utilizing cURL.
0 528 posted 11 years ago by peckham
Returns the video id for any type of youtube url that holds one.
2 605 posted 11 years ago by KabuqueJoe
Embed a video via PHP without using `the_content` filter in WordPress. From luckykind at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/call-function-called-by-embed-shortcode-direct
0 357 posted 11 years ago by jevets
taken from comments at above URL
1 656 posted 11 years ago by dan_hoerr
I’ve made this function that receive the input $video string that contains the dirty embed code as it is from youtube. The second parameter $new_width (if specified) permits to resize the embed code proportionally to the width you need for your tem...
0 654 posted 11 years ago by ginoplusio
I\'ve added an additional case to handle videos linked from a user\'s channel.
2 707 posted 12 years ago by Jamie
This code allows you to retrieve the 11-character ID string from a YouTube video URL.
7 1258 posted 13 years ago by Moridin
Use with (in custom.css) .sidebar_box {margin-bottom:2em; text-align:center;} You may have to adjust the width for your sidebars.
2 475 posted 13 years ago by kristarella
YouTube Video Download Link Generator free for all to use, successfulness can't be guaranteed
5 1112 posted 14 years ago by jacksont123
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