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This step-by-step tutorial describes how to build an HTML5-based mobile web app by means of Webix library (open source, GPL) and PhoneGap framework. As a result you’ll get an awesome native app for Android devices with rich UI and high performance.
0 848 posted 8 years ago by kengajunior
Javascript to open a URL in a new window without triggering a browser's pop-up blocker. (May not work in callbacks, but not sure why.)
1 1020 posted 9 years ago by eklemen
This snippet lets you call a Javascript function declared within an IFrame from the parent element of the IFrame
0 1156 posted 11 years ago by alexscript
Automatically use jQuery to Open External Links in New Window (checking domain first).
3 714 posted 12 years ago by mindshare
2 512 posted 12 years ago by sdxxx
0 475 posted 12 years ago by magicrebirth
Returns window size as object. winsize.x = window width; winsize.y = window height;
1 619 posted 13 years ago by djstaz0ne
1 526 posted 13 years ago by joe-bbb
this script brings you a "back to top" when you cross the vertical threshold defined as argument on the body tag (e.g.: 200px) Requires JQuery but can easily be adapted to other JS framework
3 576 posted 13 years ago by blackthorne
Rather than using target="_blank", which is deprecated by the W3C in XHTML, you should use rel="external" for links that you want to pop out in a new window. This is the javascript that makes it happen.
0 594 posted 14 years ago by chippper
It is utterly annoying when DOM event handler exceptions fail silently with Firebug. This package fixes this common problem.
0 468 posted 14 years ago by miohtama
Two different ways to open an external link (ones that start in http) in a new window. I know this isn't a great thing to do, but some clients _need_ to have it.
3 864 posted 14 years ago by 1man
Atualiza janela principal após fechar Pop-UP Refresh Main window after close the Pop-Up
0 438 posted 14 years ago by LondonWeb
0 359 posted 14 years ago by wizard04
From: David Walsh. http://davidwalsh.name/dw-content/open-links.php
2 680 posted 15 years ago by gbot
A way to call a function before the window is unloaded/refreshed/etc. Used in the first E-shot Management System. Useful for auto-saving data/content before the window is closed or refreshed.
1 568 posted 15 years ago by andyhartleeds
Really stop default action of a element.
1 509 posted 15 years ago by fael
Excellent Script for opening new windows from links while adhering to modern HTML/XHTML standards. Simple put rel="nofollow" in the anchor and link to the script within the HEAD. I prefer to remove the text that states the link opens in an externa...
1 741 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
This function allows you to open a new window, without using any inline Javascript. Simply add rel="external" to the link you wish to open in a new window.
3 783 posted 16 years ago by 1man
Based on the linked SitePoint article but with options to limit the container (eg body copy) and set the target. Use '_blank' for a new window for each link. Also adds a class (based on the rel value) for styling. Call the 'relWindow' on window load.
2 551 posted 16 years ago by mountainash
Handy for after submitting a form or moving sites and wanting to tell users about the change. Just change the URL (can be absolute or relative) and the timeout. Shown here as 5 seconds.
5 767 posted 16 years ago by mountainash
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