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This step-by-step tutorial describes how to build an HTML5-based mobile web app by means of Webix library (open source, GPL) and PhoneGap framework. As a result you’ll get an awesome native app for Android devices with rich UI and high performance.
0 842 posted 8 years ago by kengajunior
Note: change build Action of file to resource
0 539 posted 8 years ago by vhdm
Javascript to open a URL in a new window without triggering a browser's pop-up blocker. (May not work in callbacks, but not sure why.)
1 1012 posted 9 years ago by eklemen
Configure settings for all external links on your site. Features: * Open external links in new window or tab * Add "nofollow" * Set link title * Set link icon * Set classes (for your own styling) * Set no-icon class * SEO friendly
0 709 posted 9 years ago by freelancephp
Call this function to activate a named window.
0 559 posted 9 years ago by deanhouseholder
The function that closes window is very useful when you use a pop-up window on your page, because it allows the visitor to easily close the window. You can also do it several ways: to use a button, a text link or make the window closes automatically...
1 515 posted 10 years ago by apphp-snippets
Web aplikacija generira slučajne registracijske oznake za grad Zagreb u odabranom formatu. Ispisuje se i broj mogućih različitih registracijskih tablica za taj format.
0 420 posted 10 years ago by DSTG_Kwan
0 381 posted 10 years ago by akus85
Mostrare una tile dall'isolated storage con Windows Phone 7.1
0 440 posted 11 years ago by kajinka13
Useful jQuery for mutliple items on a page that are using the same jquery function and classes to perform an action. By traversing the dom like this the function will only be applied to the item you are clicking on and not all elements on the page th...
0 512 posted 11 years ago by i-am-andy
Place this script on an anchor tag, and it will open in a new browser with a defined size. The browser will not have a toolbar, menu, status, etc.
1 466 posted 11 years ago by officiallyWise
Add attribute to links to open them in a new window. Example - rel="external". Alternative to target="_blank", conforming to XHTML specification.
0 627 posted 11 years ago by Huskie
0 489 posted 11 years ago by silentpro
This snippet lets you call a Javascript function declared within an IFrame from the parent element of the IFrame
0 1154 posted 11 years ago by alexscript
Automatically use jQuery to Open External Links in New Window (checking domain first).
3 708 posted 12 years ago by mindshare
2 509 posted 12 years ago by sdxxx
No need for a stopMove(), this is handler automatically.
1 507 posted 12 years ago by dyteq
This snippet of code is probably the most common and _valuable_ in the world of jQuery.
1 529 posted 12 years ago by creativeboulder
I wrote this from scratch :) Basically I wanted a DIV to scroll with the window but it's not visible to begin with on the page. So this does it when the user scrolls past the beginning of that element.
1 499 posted 12 years ago by reynish
1 508 posted 12 years ago by stephcode
0 472 posted 12 years ago by magicrebirth
Useful when having multiple ssh connections to remote servers open in os x. Throw this in your ~/.bash_profile
0 417 posted 12 years ago by iloveitaly
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