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Offensive and Defensive sys admin and networking skrills||||self-taught machine learning, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory.||||Likes: probability, statistics, cryptanalysis, steganalysis, hacker challenges,,, clever math tricks, clever sys admin tricks, efficient discrete math algorithms, algorithms in general, breaking new ground.||||Wants: to learn as many languages as possible and solve previously unsolvable problems with new spins on old algorithms.

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i've got this running on an hourly cron. works beautifully.
0 268 posted 9 years ago by adkatrit
don't forget to take my email out :)
1 324 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
make sure the en1 value is the interface you are using
1 307 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
replace your "zipcode" with your zipcode
0 305 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
another bash quickie!
1 290 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
send every possible combination to stdout
0 211 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
this could be expanded to the billions place, but c'mon really people? it's got to call it quits somewhere
1 353 posted 11 years ago by adkatrit
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