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0 169 posted 9 years ago by beneberle
<p>Method 1</p> <p>The -c directive creates a file .htpass in the directory somepath/outside/of/root/ containing a username user1. The -b directive means you must supply the password password1 at the command line when running the command - not rec...
3 216 posted 10 years ago by beneberle
Put this in an .htaccess file to protect the directory it is in and anything below it. This requires that a file named .passwdfile exists in the directory \\\"/full/path/to/\\\" and contains at least one username/password combination.\\r\\n\\r\\nUse...
2 175 posted 10 years ago by beneberle
This is good for ensuring your domain is always either accessed with or without the www, which is important for SEO. It is also good if you have multiple domains that should resolve to the same site, and can redirect all requests to the main domain.
2 184 posted 11 years ago by beneberle
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