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If you need to zip a directory named folderName and ignore all .DS_Store files, then do the following:
0 250 posted 9 years ago by beneberle
Big ups to Tom Gidden for this one. If you\'re not all that happy about some of the changes in iTunes 10, or if you\'d rather look through your own library instead of the itunes store, give these a try.
0 215 posted 10 years ago by beneberle
0 201 posted 11 years ago by beneberle
The first directory listed is the one to copy, the second is where it's copied to.
0 188 posted 11 years ago by beneberle
Turn On or Off Hidden Files in Terminal
0 200 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
this will chmod the current directory, and all sub directories and files.
0 608 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
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