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  1. FAV If a 'bin' exists in the user home, then add that to the PATH.

    Put this line in your .bashrc. If the user has a directory named 'bin' then that will be added to the PATH. All scripts in that path (wich are executable) will be available as commands to that user.
    posted 9 years ago berkes
  2. FAV Return list of modules for each Drupal multisite

    A bash script that calls Drush for all your multisite sites and returns a list of available and installed modules for each site.
    Bash saved by 4 people
    posted 11 years ago berkes
  3. FAV Automatically remove all nonexsiting files in the current dir from svn

    Bash saved by 4 people
    posted 12 years ago berkes
  4. FAV Automatically add all new files in the current dir.

    Bash saved by 2 people
    posted 12 years ago berkes
  5. FAV Move all mails with a certain subject into a backup dir.

    Move all mails with a certain subject (in this case starting with the word "Undelivered" into a backup dir. It is by no means a mail filter, I needed it to clean out the maildirectory after a HDD crash wich caused over 1000000 (one million) local bo...
    posted 13 years ago berkes
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