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  1. FAV

    Allow per-region template overrides.

    A per-region override. ogt_blocks is ran for a region, if a region contains blocks, we search for a theme function named theme_region_regionname(). If exists, we run that, else we just return the concatenated blocks for that region.
    PHP saved by 3 people 1 views posted 12 years ago berkes
  2. FAV

    Easy debug variable to find what vars are available in a tpl.php file

    An easy debug trick: gives you a variable that you can print in any tpl.php to find out what vars you have available there.
    PHP saved by 5 people 3 views posted 12 years ago berkes
  3. FAV

    link images to their own node.

    This snippet is for use with image module, a small contributed module for image handling. (Yes: in Drupal you need a /contributed/ module for this o_O. The template snippet links the images to their own node.
    PHP saved by 10 people 2 views posted 12 years ago berkes
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