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I started messing around with the API and somehow just started building more and more service requests. This should be enough to get anyone started on using Last.FM's API
0 913 posted 12 years ago by chrisaiv
Recently I needed to capture a JSON feed of the top artists from The script makes a request for a JSON response which I later treat as a dictionary object. You'll probably need to sign up for an API Key before using this script
0 817 posted 12 years ago by chrisaiv
Here are a few examples on how to use Lists and Dictionaries in Python. It's by no means exhaustive, just a quick reference.
0 577 posted 14 years ago by chrisaiv
How to concatenate lists, add an item to a list, slice an item from a list.
0 550 posted 14 years ago by chrisaiv
1 753 posted 15 years ago by chrisaiv
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