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I use this code snippet all the time. It allows me to parse a CSV file and transform it into an XML file.
0 252 posted 9 years ago by chrisaiv
Compiling an iOS app using Flash requires an application descriptor file. Within this XML file, you can tell the app to compile for High-Res iPhones, iPad 2 as well as remove the default gloss on an icon and even change the look-and-feel of a status...
2 219 posted 9 years ago by chrisaiv
IceCast server's sometimes offer meta-data information on a particular piece. Here's an example of a data scrape from Classical KUSC
0 104 posted 9 years ago by chrisaiv
removeNamespace() doesn't always do the trick. Here's a bombizzle regexp.
0 117 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
Here's how you can generate XML dynamically and use variables as attribute values or text nodes.
2 149 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
I had an XML file that I needed to convert to CSV. In order to make things easier for myself, I used a pipe | symbol instead of a comma so that there would be no parsing errors later. I also ended up writing the file to a Txt file and importing it...
1 252 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
I found this blog that explained how AIR can transform XML using XSLT.
0 134 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
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