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  1. FAV

    Mutant Encryption Algorithm

    This piece of code is aimed to encrypt passwords, but this time it won't return a single character array, but a constantly-changing matrix which contains the password.
    C++ 8 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
  2. FAV

    Test-Type Exam Correction With Java

    A simple way of correcting tests with Java. In this piece of code I just defined two possible models or answers, they're all random, but the only thing needed is to update them with valid answers. The length of the test? I just did it for a 10-questi...
    Java 5 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
  3. FAV

    Decrypting Passwords in C++

    This is the second and last part of the encryption algorithm that I uploaded last week. It's the other-way-round program: it decrypts a password typed by user.
    C++ 7 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
  4. FAV

    Encrypting Passwords in C++

    A C++ algorithm which encrypts an alphanumeric password, asking the user to choose the encryption level.
    C++ 14 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
  5. FAV

    Basic Database in Java. Updated Version

    A basic database made in Java. It resembles a mobile phone contacts activity in which user is prompted to introduce some data of new contacts.
    Java 7 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
  6. FAV

    Text-to-Binary Encoder

    A simple Text Encoder.
    Java saved by 1 person 8 views posted 7 years ago eiger824
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