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How to pass a parameter into a method from an onClick method found in the render method. Majority of the times when you need to do this, your adding it through a loop. In this case, call a function where the item in the loop will automatically be...
0 751 posted 6 years ago by heathbo
Use ref with getDOMNode() to get the actual html. Using getBoundingClientRect() on the actual html will give you the width, height, etc. Below: specs = ClientRect {} bottom: 269 height: 18 left: 797.546875 right: 1062.609375 top: 251 width: 2...
0 1007 posted 7 years ago by heathbo
Within a react component. How to gain access to the HTML that was just rendered. Any returned html element that is tagged with a ref, can easily be accessed by it's ref after it's been rendered. In the below case, use this.refs["domainModal"] to...
0 649 posted 7 years ago by heathbo
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